Wildlife and Nature Groups Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham & Silverdale

There are a number of Wildlife and Nature groups in the Lancaster and Morecambe Area with events for adults and children. I will update if there is new information. Also Nature areas with scope for joining in as a volunteer.


Leighton Moss has events for families at most times of the year. There are many volunteers who undertake a variety of tasks from working in the centre as ‘meet and greet’ to tidying flower beds and cutting back reeds.

@Leighton_moss Leighton Moss


Marine Conservation Society @MCSLancs and @MCSUK. They meet at the Gregson Centre @GregsonCentre. During the winter there are meetings and also they go to Half Moon Bay Heysham for litter picking and recording what items are washed up on the beach.

Website for Lancashire Marine Conservation Society



Morecambe Bay Partnership. A charity which is involved in a lot of activities involving nature @MorecambeBayUK @_Mbay @H2H_Tweets @LoveMyBeachMBP @BirdsoftheBay There are Archeological and Beach Cleaning activities. Childrens activities include rock poolinga and land art

Website for Morecambe Bay Partnership



North Lancashire Wildlife Group meets at the Church of the Ascension Hall, Torrisholme, Morecambe during the winter and have activities at Warton Crag and walks.

They also have a library of Nature Books. The admission to meetings is £2 and includes refreshments.

Website for North Lancashire Wildlife Group



Wildlife trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside look after a range of sites including Middleton Nature Reserve, Heysham Moss Nature Reserve and Heysham Nature Reserve on the road to the Ocean Edge Caravan Park on Moneyclose Lane. Throught the summer there are many events in the purpose built education building at the Heyham Nature Reserve. There are no facilities at Heysham Moss or Middleton. Website for Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Heysham Nature Reserve

Morecambe, Lancashire, LA3 2UW

Heysham Nature Reserve, Moneyclose Lane

Middleton Nature Reserve

Middleton Nature Reserve

Heysham Moss Nature Reserve

Heysham Moss Nature Reserve


National Trust Heysham Headland @NT_NorthWest 

This is a rich area for Nature and is included as there may be opportunites for volunteering


Get involved




Fairfield Nature Reserve, Lancaster

A recent nature reserve which many people are not aware of. Events all year.

Fairfield Nature Reserve

There are footpaths x 2 from Aldcliffe road and Wingate Saul Road



 Green Fair
WhenSat, November 24, 10am – 4pm
WhereLancaster Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Ln, Lancaster LA1 1TX, UK (map)
DescriptionCome along and pick up this year’s beautiful Fairfield Association Calendar (£8) and Christmas cards (£4 for pack of six) from our stall.
Arnside and Silverdale AONB There are a lot of nature reserves and Woods in Silverdale and Arnside Arnside and Silverdale AONB



Morecambe Prom ParkRun. Fast course 9th November with Michael Kallenberg 2nd in UK with 15.15

The ParkRun on Saturday 9th November was a cold and a little dull. I was doing some photography of the runners with my grandson Josh when the first runner flew past. It wasn’t long either that he was on his way back and I couldn’t help thinking that he must be in the top few in the UK.

The times were released on the Facebook page of Morecambe Prom Park Run https://www.facebook.com/promparkrun/ and when I checked the times of the previous week, Nov 2nd, he was faster than the fastest runner.

When the times came out nationally Michael Kallenberg, from Carmarthen & District Harriers AC was 2nd in the UK. Only 1 second behind the first in the UK.

Previously there have been 2 chaps in the top ten UK in the same run at Morecambe and a lady in the top ten. There could be more but I don’t know if anyone is checking @FastRunning

10 fastest UK parkrun times on Saturday 9th November (2019)

Anyhow I enclose a picture of Michael and 👏👏👏

Sorted out the new Allotment plot (I think) and planted an Orchard . #vegan #gardening #allotment #gardenersworld #vegetarian #NoDig #cooking #organic

I have made a start on the new plot which is next to my existing plot. Four 5′ Apple trees have been relocated and 2 Apple, 2 Plum and a Pear I bought at Morrison’s a couple of months ago have been planted.

I have created a mini ‘L’ Shaped Orchard by planting some Blackcurrant Bushes which are a couple of feet high. My Grandad gave me some cuttings from his Allotment 50 years ago and these are the great, great etc offspring. Nice to have them here.

Fortunately half of the area was already protected by plastic so apart from the orchard there were 2 areas to add compost to the grass cuttings (I used a mower to level the vegetation) a and add some cardboard sheeting and black plastic. As per https://lovelygreens.com/tips-for-starting-a-new-vegetable-garden/ @LovelyGreens.

I have left space between the trees and bushes to mow the orchard. There were some lovely poppy plants and have kept the seeds before planting and will plant a section and will leave some vegetation around the fruit trees and bushes possibly as that was where the poppies were.

All in all not a hard job, (5 hours over 2 days)

if the 2 new beds haven’t composted I can always plant something through the plastic next year. I have 6 months or so for it to break down.

These are the ‘before pics.’

@AllotnentFun @ChrisJCoates

The plot thickens😀 (The Allotment Plot) #vegan #gardening #allotment #smallholder #garden #gardenersworld #vegetarian #gardeningtips #blog #NoDig #cooking #organic

I was promised back in Jan that if I managed my half plot well – then I would be given first refusal on the other half if it was ever relinquished. The next door neighbour paid for the year but never turned up and after the usual letters and a visit from a member of the committee he eventually gave up the plot and I now have a full plot.

I had been thinking about things for a while and have decided to have a small portion as an orchard as there are 3 reasonably sized apple trees – 5′ – in my garden which can be transplanted plus I already took one there. I recently took some Aldi fruit – a couple of Logan Berries and a Tay Berry to the old half. I have taken cuttings of my thornless BlackBerry also.

I did buy 2 apple, 2 plum and a pear from Morrison’s a couple of months ago (about 18″ high – and now I can plant them in the new section – had been keeping in pots in readiness. There are a dozen or so Raspberry plants to move there and plenty of Strawberries. Finally I have about 20 Blackcurrant rooted cuttings about a year old so old.

It’s virtually an instant orchard, just needs some digging, compost and bone meal and staking😀

So that’s part of it sorted. I do have some Yacon resting in the shed and they do take up a lot of room. Am still trying to grow some Ashitaba but they are tricky and I’m now on my 3rd attempt despite following all the instructions (fridge 1 month etc).

There is an organic potato meet at the Friends Meeting House in Lancaster at the end of Jan and am hoping to plant a few varieties. Looking for some Peruvian ones. I saw a documentary where a guy out there had 500 varieties. He actually did have potatoes for every meal😀


@AllotmentFun @ChrisJCoates

Morecambe Prom Park Run. Lancashire. #Running #BlueHealth #Seaside #Walking #Jogging #Health #Blog

The Morecambe Prom Park Run started early 2019. I had watched the preparations on a Facebook page for a year or so prior to that and have the deepest respect for those who put their time and energy into organizing the regular event.

A lot goes on behind the scenes with organizing up to 30 volunteers and all the paraphernalia that is required along the course and health and safety implications. A huge well done from Morecambe as this is one of the best things to happen to Morecambe in a while. They are on Twitter @PromParkRun and Facebook.

Here are a few pics from 2nd November 2019.

Via @ChrisJCoates @MorecambeEden @MorecambeProm

Yacon dug up. Pleased with results 😀 #vegan #gardening #allotment #allotmentfun #garden #gardenersworld #vegetarian #gardeningtips #blog

The 4 Yacon plants were put out in April and as there had been some frost it was time to dig them up. Started digging some distance away so as not to damage anything.

Have put them in the conservatory for a couple of weeks.

This was the most from one plant.

A few of the tubers

The plant is part of the daisy family ad has a beautiful bu tiny flower.

The original plants

What they were like fully grown

One clump with the not too many tubers but was not in the best place

The 4 plants waiting for spring.

There are some tiny holes in a couple of the tubers so will have a look to see what’s been boring in. Could be wireworm apparently.

An article from the Guardian about the Yacon


@AllotmentFun @ChrisJCoates

Some Celtuce has sprouted. Lots in fact. #vegan #gardening #allotment #allotmentfun #garden #gardenersworld #vegetarian #gardeningtips #blog

Have been checking the Celtuce seeds in the Greenhouse. Planted 16th October and now 27th. With 25 tiny shoots. It’s a bit late probably but might be ok in the greenhouse although might bring them into the conservatory. Have put them in the sunniest corner of the greenhouse which isn’t itself in the ideal position, with some reflective foam.

This spot, in a corner, was the only place to build the greenhouse, and has been here since buying it in Cumbria in March. Dismantled it and brought it back to Lancaster in a VW Touran and reassembled it. It’s 8 x 6 so just fit in the car with the longer bits vertically between the back door and along side and on top of front seat. I had left one seat behind the drivers seat for passenger.

At the moment, in addition to the Celtuce, there is Chard, Kale and lots of salad leaves in 3 stages of growth. There is also Kale here, as well as a few kale back at the allotment, but am spreading out the picking season.

@AllotmentFun @ChrisJCoates

How dangerous are Laurel Hedges? #vegan #gardening #allotment #allotmentfun #garden #gardenersworld #vegetarian #gardeningtips #blog

Laurel hedging plants are available at reasonable prices and provide a cheap and decorative hedge. I had no knowledge of hidden dangers until I visited the Poison Garden at Alnwick, in Northumberland. The garden has 100 plants of varying deadliness and I was surprised to see the Laurel.

Apparently it has developed a defense of Cyanide which is released when animals start munching. Now that there are hedge trimmers, they replicate the action of eating by animals, but on a larger scale. To the extent that people have lost consciousness and fallen off ladders etc. even taking the cuttings in a car to the tip with poor ventilation – is enough to cause drowsiness and an accident.

This is a newspaper article describing the dangers.


@AllotmentFun @ChrisJCoates

Rhubarb leaves can kill. But you knew that right?

The entertaining guide at the Poison Garden at Alnwick Castle told the tour group of a government information leaflet in WW1 which encouraged people to eat any green leaves. 15 people died so they withdrew the leaflet. In WW2 the same leaflet was issued and 5 people died. This is a link about the garden. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/step-inside-worlds-most-dangerous-garden-if-you-dare-180952635/https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/step-inside-worlds-most-dangerous-garden-if-you-dare-180952635/https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/step-inside-worlds-most-dangerous-garden-if-you-dare-180952635/

Many other interesting facts. Laurel hedges can give off cyanide as they have this defence for munchie animals but will also gas people off their ladder (and in a car full of cuttings on the way to the tip).


Many other interesting facts. Don’t handle Rue. Will give you 7 years photo sensitivity.


@AllotmentFun @ChrisJCoates

It all went to pot. Allotment planting hopes were dashed. #vegan #gardening #allotment #allotmentfun #garden #gardenersworld #vegetarian #gardeningtips

I was going to plant Garlic Bulbs, Wild Garlic and Broad Beans today but a sequence of events stopped me planting. I don’t know about you but I really get a buzz when planting stuff.

First of all I was doing some research on the beans and ‘they’ say soak the beans overnight. I can’t remember doing that early in the year – but were they runner beans and French Beans? – I think they were and they turned out without soaking. Will try the soaking though. Will try a few beans in the ground as I don’t believe yet that they will grow this time of year😬Maybe keep the rest to Feb and plant in greenhouse. So beans were dry so not ready today.

The 2nd thing was I was expecting the garlic as had a text about a delivery but was something else I had ordered. It wasn’t worth going to the allotment with a few wild garlic bulbs so will go another day and plant away😀

Will post again if anything interesting turns up. The allotment has had a lottery grant for fence and gates but were not told about VAT, so £1,500 to find somewhere. The new gate is up though. Should be an interesting meeting in November. Sounds like £30 x 50 plots minus any funds in credit….

Ordered the Garlic from Sutton’s Seeds @Suttons_seeds BTW

@ChrisJCoates @AllotmentFun

The Wild Garlic arrived, with a surprise😀 #vegan #gardening #allotment #allotmentfun #garden #gardenersworld #vegetarian #gardeningtips

18th October 2019.

Just waiting for the Sutton’s Seeds garlic variety pack and will be away to the allotment with the other half of the wild garlic and the winter broad beans.

I had ordered 15 of the wild garlic but on opening the packet there were 29. Which was unexpected. 👍

I have put the details on pics here as it was also a quick and tracked delivery so if you fancy some wild garlic leaves when there is little else to pick at Bluebell time then get ordering.

This is from @BBCcountryfile re wild garlic recipes.


Obviously there is garlic growing wild and it’s possible to forage. Be careful too near paths if it is an area where dogs are taken.

The damp border where I have planted 15 wild garlic/Allium bulbs near to a raspberry plant.

@AllotmenFun @ChrisJCoates