Morecambe & Heysham Beach Care

Morecambe & Heysham Beach Care #MorecambeBeachCare

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Fantastic people  keep Morecambe & Heysham Beaches tidy and #2MinuteBeachClean has arrived.


If you are interested in the environment and want to help – then first of all – watch this 2 minute video.

If you intend to do more than pick up a few items while out walking the dog etc., then its a good idea to have a couple of plastic bags inside a long-life supermarket bag so the the litter does not blow away, also take gloves. One of the bags is for plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans.

There are three sets of recycling bins along Morecambe Promenade for plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans. 1) Lifeboat Station 2) Cenotaph 3) Near Regent Road in the West End. Otherwise its up to you whether you use a normal bin or pop them into your own recycle bins. There are plenty of bins for other items.

The Lancaster City Council do regular Beach cleans with Amie on her tractor but this depends on the tides and also they cannot do the beaches where there are no ramps directly onto the sand.

All beaches need to be tided between tractor cleans, and where the tractor does not go. There are individual people who tidy up the range of beaches, council workers, groups such as the Trumacar Tigers and some organised groups such as Love My Beach of the Morecambe Bay Partnership who did a beach clean at Middleton recently. Families involved in #PebbleArt have mentioned that they are helping by picking up litter.

I have noticed a lot of dog walkers taking the opportunity to pick up litter. I also talked to someone from a local Facebook group recently – she and her husband were picking up litter and recycling. There was a big effort recently by volunteers after the Morecambe Carnival.

The important thing is not to overdo anything and do just a little area at a time.

The Main Beaches are:-

Half Moon Bay and a couple of coves towards St Patricks Chapel

Heysham North and the other side of the Bay Cottage Playground which opens again Mid September

Sandylands beach where the old paddllng area is now visible

Kite Surfers area down the ramp from the Battery car park. Only a tiny area but important as any cans or glass etc could harm the Kite and Wind Surfers.

The West End beach from the Beach Cafe up to and including the little bay near to the swimmers statue opposite the Alhambra.

The Sandy and Pebble beach from the Midland Hotel and including the lovely Beach Plant area

Morecambe North Beach ‘Eric Morecambe’ to the Clock Tower

Morecambe North Beach Clock Tower to the Jetty near the blue boat ‘Hopeful’

Blue Boat ‘Hopeful’ to Pirates on the Prom Playground.

The Boat Bay beach and along the pebbles to Broadway.

Many of the beaches have rocky areas, do not climb onto rocks which can be slippery. Also keep on the sand and do not go on any muddy areas. Someone was stuck in mud near the boats last year, only a few feet from the sand.

If you are tidying Half Moon Bay Beach there is the occasional metal object which could be a WW2 munition item. I haven’t heard of anything for a few years but there is a warning notice. Phone Lancaster City Council switchboard if there is anything to report. It does work – I reported a large dead bird and a drum of diesel recently (not the same day) and they were promptly sorted out.

There are possibly important areas I have missed but whether you adopt an area, or work through the list, then anything helps. I did a beach clean at the Half Moon Bay beach recently and could only fill half an Asda bag of tidal and other litter so we are not talking about bin bag sized litter problems.

NOTE – the beach clean board at the Clock Tower Café depends on people popping some supermarket bags into the groove on the board for people to have a go – have seen a lot of kids picking up stuff.

Lets not dwell on the causes of tidal or other litter – it is what it is. Picking it up is not for everyone.

NOTICE There is an organised beach clean at Sunderland Point on the 2nd Sep 2017 with Morecambe Bay Partnership 10-12 Contact John Gilchrist. Tel: 01524 858693 

Environmental Links and groups,  if you want to see what they are up to………..

This is the important one

#2MinuteBeachClean Facebook of 2 Minute Beach Clean

#2MinuteBeachClean also on Twitter @2MinuteBeachClean and Instagram

Local in the Fleetwood to Lytham area 

Rossall Beach Buddies Faceboook Rossall Beach Buddies

Cleveleys Beach Care Facebook of Cleveleys Beach Care

Fylde Beach Care Facebook of Fylde BeachCare


Love my Beach Morecambe Bay Partnership Morecambe Bay Partnership

Wayne Dixon and his dog Koda  Amazing chap from Fleetwood who is walking 7000 miles around the coast of Britain picking up litter for charity Facebook for Wayne Dixon and Koda

KeepBritainTidy Facebook for Keep Britain Tidy

Wildlife Trusts Facebook for Lancashire Wildlife Trust – responsible for Heysham Nature Reserve etc

Any beach tidying shows people and visitors that we are proud of where we live and that we will take steps to help everyone enjoy the scenery we all love. When people take photos we see on social media they will not include tin cans in the picture.

I personally feel that the beaches define Morecambe in the same way that Williamson Park is important to Lancaster

If you have picked up anything on a Morecambe and Heysham Beach then you already care.


Pebble Art in Morecambe and Heysham

Visitors to Morecambe and Heysham have been intrigued by small painted pebbles dotted around the area from Half Moon Bay in Heysham to the end of the five miles of Heysham to Hest Bank Promenade.

If you visit the Facebook site of PebbleArt Morecambe you will see that there are 7.622 members on 31st August. When I joined a few weeks age it was 1500 members. Many people them joined in August 2017 to get the kids – and grandkids – out and about in the fresh air during the School Holidays. As one Pebble Art member puts it “Its really 3 days of fun, Day 1 collecting a few pebbles, Day 2 Painting, Day 3 – putting them along the Prom or wherever you wish to put them.”  Obviously it may take a while for the paint and varnish to dry so it may not be 3 days in a row.

Link to PebbleArt Morecambe on Facebook

Jacky Burns runs the Facebook group and is currently organising a competition with Morecambe Football Club.

Pebble Art Morecambe Football Club Competition

The group has been featured a few times in the local newspaper The Visitor.

Hundreds get caught up n Pebble Craze. The Visitor 15/08/2017

People have travelled for miles to join in this joyful hobby and I can personally say that I have had a lot of fun with the grandchildren in the school holidays looking for the best pebbles, painting them and then placing them on the prom for other people to keep, re-hide or maybe just take a picture of the pebble and put on the Facebook site. It did keep them away from the I-pads and got them out in the fresh air so Jacky is helping to keep kids healthy.


People seem to be using ready mixed Acrylic paints from Wilco, Craft Shops, The Works or the Pound shop and when dry – using nail varnish or yacht varnish etc., to weather proof the pebble.  Any queries then people on the site are very helpful.

Where are the best places to find and place Pebble Art if you are a visitor to Morecambe and Heysham? (People are leaving the painted ones on the promenade walls adjacent to a beach)

1 Half Moon Bay, Heysham. The Beach has areas of pebbles. There is free parking opposite the Half Moon Bay Café


2 The ‘Bay Cottage Playground’ Beach (Heysham North). There are pebbles North of the Playground. Free parking on Knowlys road. There are a few pebbles set in concrete at the side of the playground facing the Sea. Did it all start here?


3 The Morecambe South beach adjacent to the Midland Hotel. Free parking near the old Frontierland park South of Aldi. Only one hour parking in Aldi with camera supervision and 3 hours in Morrisons –  also has cameras. Access is good (no steps)  near to the Hotel and also further along the Prom opposite the Morecambe Tourist Information Centre in the old Station Building. Tel 01524 582808 if any queries about Morecambe.

1-DSC_0894-001_edited_edited_edited - Copy

4 The pebbly area between the Lifeboat Station and the ‘Pirates on the Prom’ Playpark. Free parking on the road further along towards Broadway. There is a concrete ramp leading to the sea and this and the Midland Beach are the most accessible areas for pebble gathering if steps are a problem.

5 From the ‘Pirates on the Prom’ Playpark to Hest Bank there are many areas of pebbles. Lots of free parking on the road from Bare to Hest Bank.


The very sandy main beach in Morecambe is the Morecambe North Beach which is divided into the ‘Eric Morecambe Beach’ due to the statue and the ‘Clock Tower Beach.’  There are no pebbles. Public toilets including Disabled are at the back of the Clock Tower Café.

If the kids want another activity there is a board opposite the Clock Tower Café with a couple of litter picking sticks and re-purposed supermarket plastic bags for a litter pick as per the face book page #2minuteBeachClean which also has 1000’s of members on Twitter and Instagram.

Link to face book page to ‘like’ the 2 minute Beach Clean community page

The Clock Tower Beach, Part of Morecambe North Beach


Some pebbles mainly from the PebbleArt Morecambe Facebook page with kind permission of Jacky Burns. The penguins make a regular appearance and the red ‘Monster’  (top Middle) was the talk of Facebook for a while.

There is a YouTube video by Tina, Baz and Neve of  Heysham, placing PebbleArt. They walk down Knowlys road and place them along the Heysham to Hest Bank Prom to the climbing wall further along. The Bay Cottage Play area is nearly renovated will be popular with local children



Pebble Art seen as I cycled along Morecambe Prom 23rd August from Stone Jetty Café to Pirates on the Prom Playpark, Just took photos and relocated 3.


More – including some shells in the Sandylands & Battery area 24th August.

1-pebbleart for collage-001

Thank you for your interest, if there are any additions or mistakes then please let me know on PebbleArt Morecambe Facebook via Chris Coates or  Morecambe twitter – Morecambe Beach @ArtDecoCoast
















Morecambe and Heysham Beaches



There are a wide range of sandy and shingle beaches along the coast of Morecambe Bay from Heysham to Hest Bank along the cycling and walking friendly promenade.

The Half Moon Bay beach at Heysham is very popular with dog walkers and has an adjacent café. It is directly next to the National Trust area of Heysham. There is a variety of beach plants along the shore which attract butterflies as it is in a National Trust area.

A recent Rock Pooling and beach art day with Lancashire WIldlife Trust and Land Art For Kids, an outdoor educational company at Half Moon Bay attracted 150 parents and children in August 2017.

National Trust Heysham Coast Link for the Headland from Half Moon Bay to Heysham Village including the ancient St Patricks Chapel

There is also a rocky beach accessed through the Heysham Nature Reserve at the South side of the Heysham Power Station. Heysham Nature Reserve and Beach

On the way to Morecambe past the Village of Heysham is a large area of rockpools and sandy areas next to a playground which is currently being renovated. There is parking on Knowlys road and this is the start of the popular Heysham to Hest Bank cycle ride along the wide promenade.

There are sea defence works halfway along at the West End of Morecambe to negotiate past as the area between the Town Hall and Bare has been completed.  Contractors are VBAJV the joint venture company organising the ne Morecambe Promenade and Sea Defence Works  VBA (VolkerStevin, Boskalis Westminster and Atkins)    There are some rocky areas which stretch out from the beach which are glacial deposits from the Lake District.

There are many beach areas from Heysham to Sandylands and this year – at Sandylands – the outline of an old paddling pool is showing in the sand.

At the ‘Battery’ at the West End of Morecambe is another area which is safe for Wind Surfers and Kite Surfers. There is a modernistic café called the Beach Café there with nearby public toilets. Beach Cafe at Morecambe West End


The beaches from here to Morecambe Town Hall have a seasonal restriction for dogs on the beach and there is signage next to beach access points.

The sandy areas from the ‘Battery’ at the West End to the Lifeboat Station, are regularly cleaned  by Lancaster City Council.

There is a small range of beach plants near to the Beach Café. There are large areas of Seagrass here.

Near the Alhambra Beach  at the West End there is a large area of sea grass and various shore plants.


If you have an interest in Birds then there is the Tern Project – it is free to wander around it. Details here and at the Tourist Visitor Centre Tourist information twitter for Morecambe opposite the Midland Hotel in the old Station Building,


tern 2

At the Beach adjacent to the English Lakes Hotel group which includes the Morecambe Midland Hotel Midland Hotel there are areas of shingle and sand and is a popular Beachcombing area. There is a large variety of beach plants along here. A local environmental  initiative is Love My Beach organisation in Morecambe Bay and they organise beach litter picking events and are soon to be installing boards for #2MinuteBeachClean (more about this @2MinuteBeachClean National clean beaches organisation) along with Morecambe Bay UK. Marketing organisation for Morecambe Bay

1-DSC_0812_edited - Copy

The Art Deco Midland Hotel is part of @EnglishLakes hotel group.

Marine items can be found here such as ‘Mermaids Purse’ and Whelk egg cases


The beach near the Eric Morecambe Statue and the Clock Tower is the most popular beach in Morecambe and has adjacent public toilets. There are a few beach plants near the Grade II listed Clock Tower. I saw a Small Tortiseshell Butterfly there today.

More views of the Eric Morecambe and Clock Tower award winning beaches.

The main beaches are regularly cleaned by Lancaster City Council Twitter for Lancaster City Council Tel 01524 582000 – who are responsible for the Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham and Carnforth area – by Amie on her tractor, Lancaster City Council and volunteers. Further towards Heysham the Trumacar Tigers, a summer activity group of Primary School Children are involved in picking up tidal (and other) debris.


Art Deco and Art Nouveau buildings are visible from the beach. Also the Art Deco Midland Hotel, pictures in the blog earlier.


Patterns in the sand after the Beach Cleaning Tractor has tided up

Along the Prom there is a an area of Shingle opposite the Lifeboat Station with some beach plants. In addition there are some Marine related sculptures called ‘See Wall’ at the side of the Lifeboat Station.


Near to the ‘Pirates on the Prom Playground’ are a number of boats including the Bay Sea School training Yacht @BaySeaSchool  Website of Bay Sea School for Yacht Sailing tuition and online courses. From there to the shore at Hest Bank there is a mixture of sand and shingle areas interrupted by a small dipping pool at Bare Village. The sea has recently deposited a small patch of sand on the edge of the pool.


There is a long section of new promenade sea wall and ‘sand effect tarmac’ from Morecambe Town Hall to Bare Village



After Bare Village the beach is mainly rocky and/or shingle.  At the entrance of VVV Health Club there is a freshwater stream coming onto the beach from the Golf Club which attracts birds such as Lapwing. At the entrance and beyond the VVV carpark there are shore plants. There is a rough walk along here to Hest Bank shore. Further along, the Shore at Bolton le Sands is accessible by road but beware of high tides which have flooded cars parked there in the past.

The RSPB Leighton Moss reserve RSPB Leighton Moss, Silverdale, Carnforth, Lancashire stretches to the coastal area. After that, the coast at Silverdale and Arnside changes into little coves, nature reserves and small cliffs.

Website of Arnside and Silverdale AONB

1-1-DSC_9046 - Copy

If you detour onto the beach at any point please consider a #2MinuteBeachClean to help clear tidal plastic. Five rivers drain into Morecambe Bay and there are 2 tides a day so litter on the beach is not just from people or litter blowing onto the beach from a litter bin. Morecambe Bay from Wikipedia


national Marine Week pick it up

Litter graphic with kind permission of @WildlifeTrusts during the #NationalMarineWeek to 13th August 2017 Wildlife Trusts #TheSeaAndMe #NationalMarineWeek

Hopefully I have covered everything, if there are any mistakes, people or things to add then send me a message on Twitter at Morecambe Beach @ArtDecoCoast Thankyou










Holistic ‘Love & Light’ Shop with Venus Hair & Soulstar Therapy

A new Holistic Centre ‘Love and Light’ has opened at 12 Pedder Street in Morecambe. It is situated close to the promenade and clock tower and opposite a popular Health Shop, Morecambe Health Foods.


With Janie for Facials, Massage, Reiki and Holistic Wholeness

 With Tracy for Bespoke Design, Cut, Colour, Occasion Hair


The shop has a range of Crystals, Candles, Incense, Jewellery and Unique Gifts



Morecambe £2.5million Trampoline Park Opens

Its the 24th of July 2017 and there is excitement in the air. The long awaited Morecambe Trampoline Park opens today.  Jump Rush is situated directly behind the Morecambe Art Nouveau Winter Gardens Building. The Trampoline Park will be useful in all weathers and any time of the year.

The development of the Trampoline Park is mainly due to the business opportunities of the M6 – Morecambe – Heysham Link Road which gives access to Morecambe from the Lake District, North Yorkshire and Lancashire.

There has been a lot of investment in Morecambe Pubs and Hotels also recently. The Royal at Heysham @RoyalHeysham       , the George at Torrisholme @the_george16, the Boutique Morecambe Hotel on Lord Street @Morecambe_Hotel and York Hotel @York_Morecambe in total they have had millions spent on upgrades and refurbishment.

Video of Jump Rush from local Vloggers The Woodhouse Life @WoodhouseLife

Finally there is a Holistic Centre ‘Love and Light’ opening at 22 Pedder Street in Morecambe today.



Isle of Man. A walk up Snaefell. Travel Blog.

Isle of Man. A walk up Snaefell.

It is the only place in the British Isles where you can see seven kingdoms – England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, The Isle of Man, Heaven and the Kingdom of the Sea. You may need binoculars, faith and a clear day though.

Travel Blog.Snaefell is the highest point in the Isle of Man. However the walk to the top is not too far from the car park near to the Joey Dunlop memorial statue.

Snaefell – details form Wikipedia

At first sight the path to the summit seems easy, but as with any mountain, there is always a ridge and more unexpected climbing afterwards. The walk would take 30-60 minutes to the summit, depending on fitness.

The first gate from the car park was broken and propped up against a fence. The second gate was a tight squeeze with just a small backpack and could not be attempted by someone who was over 16 stone in my opinion. A tramper vehicle used by someone who is disabled could not get through this either.

The Tramper  4 wheel drive scooters are very popular now and the RSPB (and many other tourist sites) at Leighton Moss, Carnforth has them to improve Disabled Access. Tramper vehicles for the Disabled at RSPB Carnforth, Lancashire

There is a website Access the Dales disabilty website and blog by Deb who has used a Tramper in the Dales and Lake District and is a Charity fund-raiser.

If I thought that the walk would be easy, then I was proved to be wrong, more of that later.

The weather forecast for the day was for fine weather and the summit cafe (closed in conjunction with the Mountain Railway Timetable) was visible, as were 2 telecommunication masts. The Manx Electric Railway has completed services for 2016. Services will resume in 2017 on Thursday March 9th, running until Sunday November 5th 2017. Website of Snaefell Mountain Railway Currently there is very little disabled access to Snaefell, and none for a wheelchair user.

The website of the Manx Electric Railway states Snaefell Mountain Railway: No wheelchair access is available on our mountain trams; additionally the Summit facilities do not provide full access for people with a disability. The steps on the cars are quite steep and some able bodied people will also have difficulty boarding these trams. Disability Access – Manx Electric Railway Online NOTE:- if you are a wheelchair user then you will need to give 48 hours notice to travel on the Electric Railway from Douglas to Ramsey.

The Summit is 220 metres of climb – but nearly a mile in distance from ‘The Bungalow’ where the Mountain Railway crosses the road.  The pathway is rough, even where some stones have been placed between a foot-worn gap between peat outcrops , the route is very uneven and unsafe.

I have walked up every Lake District Fell and have to say that for such a short distance to an important Mountain, very little attempt has been made for either disabled people or perhaps school children – who could be encouraged to have a school summit race up a safe zigzag style path. An alternative would be to have a path parallel to the Mountain Railway with gravel and retaining side-boards brought up by the Railway.

As the summit was reached there was a small amount of mist but the walk was worth it and the coast could be seen on either side of the Isle of Man, which was nice as it is not often the case.

On the way down I actually slipped on a steep bit of muddy path and fell down. It did shock my entire body and I honestly thought I must have broken my hip or arm. I was unhurt though, apart from a sore neck. As mentioned, I have done a lot of fell walking, and have nearly completed the Wainwrights twice without a single mishap. In addition, my boots were new. I have to say that the path is dangerous and needs to be re-routed and made safe.

Back at the car park there was the memorial to Joey Dunlop to visit and the Motorbike Mural. There is another memorial to Jimmy Guthrie on the way to Ramsey from here.

Research shows that people who are disabled are 20% of the tourist market but their expenditure is substantially more, partly due to travelling with relatives or a carer.

There are not that many well-known mountains that are accessible to disabled people and it would be creditable for the Isle of Man if Snaefell was ‘on the map’ for the Disabled community and their extensive networks and ‘grapevines.’

European Network for Accessible Tourism

Access for all a £12billion Market






Isle of Man. Visiting in Winter Blog.

Isle of Man. Visiting in the Winter Months.

I consider the Winter Months to be November 5th to 5th March as the Steam Railway (5th) and Electric Railway (9th) are open at the beginning of March to around the 5th of November.

Douglas Bay mid November

If you are visiting the Isle of Man there is a website Visit Isle of Man with plenty of information.

If you looked at the first page of what’s on in the website without exploring further, then you would think that there was nothing much to do in the winter months but this is not the case.

A search of the website from 21st Nov to 30th November brings up a folk Group at Peel (Belshazzers Feast on the 26th) and the Valhalla ‘Life and Death in Viking Britain’ Exhibition which is open in Peel 10-5 to 21st April 2015.

The Valhalla exhibition is in the same building in Peel as the Manannan Museum which is an amazing asset to the Island. If you have you National Trust card with you the entry is free – normally £6.

The Manx Museum and Art Gallery is always open and free. An Art Exhibition of the art of Roger Dean has just finished and the exhibition space will be used for future art or other exhibitions.

The Visit Isle of Man website has a comprehensive list of activities, historic sites, scenic highlights, beaches, wildlife etc.,

There is a coastal path around the entire Island and other walks. A guidebook ‘Isle of Man – The All-Round Series’ gives details, and in addition walks around the towns and some scenic routes by car.

There is plenty said about the Isle of Man TT and other races on the internet and is not covered here.

If you have arrived on the Isle of Man as a foot passenger on the ferry or by air then there seem to be plenty of buses.

If you wish to travel from Douglas to Port Erin on the small railway (via Castletown) the dates in 2017 are 5th March to 6th Nov. The Steam Railway

The Electric Railway  – which travels from Douglas to Ramsey via Laxey is open March 9th to Nov 5th 2017. The Electric Railway

The 5 mile Snaefell Mountain Railway starts from Laxey between April and September. The Mountain Railway

The Douglas Bay Horse Tramway is open in the summer season but I can’t find the dates for 2017 The Douglas Bay Horse Tramway

There are 17 Glens in the Isle of Man and are walks up river valleys with often a waterfall. There are sometimes toilets available such as the well-maintained ones in Glen Helen. The scenic Glens of the Isle of Man

There are many videos about the Island on YouTube – this is the official Isle of Man video with over 50,000 views.

What to do in the Isle of Man in a two day short break, with 35,000 views

In a four day period in November 2016 I saw a lot of the Island, despite many small museums and Peel & Rushen Castle being shut there was plenty to do. There are 3 cinemas, theatres and a bowling alley on the Island although I didn’t visit them.

Day 1 Walked up Snaefell, visited Point of Ayre, nice drive along the West Coast, visited the Sound Cafe at the Calf of Man

Day 2 Mountain road to Tynwald Mills, Glen Helen, Nairbyl, House of Manannan and Valhalla Exhibition in Peel, Peel Cathedral, shopping in Peel. Peel Castle closed but views of the Marina and Castle.

Day 3 Laxey Wheel (Closed but could see it), Laxey Glen, Laxey Harbour, Castletown Harbour and views of Rushen Castle, Port Erin Harbour and shops, Sound Cafe again at the Calf of Man.

Day 4 Douglas promenade, Harbour, shops, gardens, Marina, Manx Museum, Roger Wood Art Exhibition, Colleen Collett Art Exhibition.

I particularly liked the Glens, the fact you can see Seals in most coastal areas and sea views from most roads and hills.

I hope this is of help, if you like History, Scenery, Photography, Walking, Cycling, Nature, Wildlife, Historic Transport, Harbours & Marinas, Cafes and Restaurants, Art, Theatre and Culture then the Isle of Man supplies it all in a unique way.

YouTubes of the Historic Transport in the Isle of Man – the top watched one in each category.

Isle of Man Mountain Railway up Snaefell

Isle of Man Railway, Douglas to Port Erin

Isle of Man Electric Railway, Douglas to Ramsey

Douglas Bay Horse Tramway

Just a mention of Snaefell. There is a car park at ‘The Bungalow’ but there are no toilet facilities at the base. There is a cafe open at the top when the Mountain Railway is running. The path is very slippery and even dangerous. If you are reasonably fit then a walk to the top is only 30 minutes. It could – or should – be possible to have disabled access if a pathway was created adjacent to the Mountain Railway line.

Isle of Man Railway, Electric Railway, Horse Drawn Tram and Snaefell Railway top Videos

These are the top videos on YouTube of the Isle of Man Railway, Electric Railway, Horse Drawn Tram and Snaefell Railway

Isle of Man Steam Railway

Steam Railway Website

Snaefell Mountain Railway

Snaefell Mountain Railway

Isle of Man Electric Railway

Website of Manx Electric Railway

The Isle of Man Horse Drawn Tram at Douglas, the only commercial horse tramway in the world.

The Douglas Bay Horse Tramway

Friends of Douglas Bay Horse Trams

Isle of Man Coach Trip. September 2016

Coach trip to the Isle of Man

While looking for Isle of Man tourist information I came across a series of 14 videos taken by ‘AdmiralsCorner’ which is a comprehensive tour of the Island by coach (with commentary) and includes a trip up Snaefell on the Mountain Railway. The series is in September 2016 by Blakes Coach Tours. What he has created is a historical snapshot of the Island – as he has captured all the houses along the route – and is also a resource of what tourists think of the Isle of Man. Well done to whoever did it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Isle of Man, a Travel Blog (2)

I’m just gathering information about the Isle of Man at the moment as I am not on the island as yet.

I have discovered that the Isle of Man is a Unesco Biosphere Website for Isle of Man Biosphere One the best places in the world to explore nature.

I am continuing to watch the Admiral Scorner as he films the Blakes coach tour of the Island as some of the attractions are going to be closed November and December.

For instance he films the Horse drawn Tram on Douglas Promenade, one of the reasons I chose to book a visit to the Island. However it is out of season for my visit. The good news is that although there were some rumours that 2016 was to be the last year for the tourists – I have now heard that it is going to continue.

He also filmed the Laxey Wheel which is also closed during my visit.  At least I saw the video of where the Laxey guide explained about it. I am up to video 6 of about 13 so far and was interesting to see the seals at the Calf of Man.

I came across the Summerlands distaster on Wikipedia which I remember from the 70’s.   Summerlands

There  isn’t a big tourist resort on the Island, there is a Zoo – Curraghs Wildlife Park

There was the first ‘Butlins Style;  UK holiday camp North of Douglas but this is now ruins. I am hoping that there is some information about the people who were detained on the Island in WW2 in the Manx Museum. Douglas had its own ‘University’ run by the people who were detained.

The railways have been continually re-branded and are now a fraction of their former size so I suppose the TT races and other races are now the life-blood of the island apart from finance. Wikipedia – Isle of Man Railways