Coast of Britain Cyclists, Runners, Walkers, Kayaker’s, Triathletes and Stand Up Paddlers. 2016 mainly.

17th August update 2016

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  1. Sean Conway completed his 4290 miles Coastal Triathlon of mainland Britain in July and there is a documentary about his achievement on Discovery Channel August 30th 10 pm
  2. Wayne Russell completed his 5000 mile run around the coast of mainland Britain July 2016
  3. David Livermore has completed 4000-5000 mile walk. He only had a few days of walk from Solway to Berwick along Scotland Border according to his last message. He has walked around the border of England incuding Offa’s Dyke
  4. Tony Frost has completed 5000 miles walk around mainland Britain in July. He finished at Lands End.
  5. Elise Downing has only a few days left of her 5000 mile run around the coast of mainland Britain. Will finish week commencing 22nd August 2016
  6. Tim McKenna has ‘just the South Coast’ (his words) left to complete his UK Cycle tour of the coast of Britain and Northern Ireland.  Will complete 5000 mile Journey at Tower Bridge, London on Friday August 26th at 6 p.m.
  7. Andy Phillips has done the majority of mainland Britain and his last post on Twitter showed him walking a section near to Grimsby
  8. Martyn West has completed 4625 miles walk so far, according to Twitter. His last post of a location was Cape Wrath in June
  9. Alex Ellis-Roswell has completed his walk around the entire coast of Ireland in August and is continuing along the coast of Britain aiming for 6500 miles.
  10. Wayne Dixon and his dog Koda are up in Colintrave – North of Dunoon on his epic litter picking coastal walk of 7000 miles
  11. Nick Creagh-Osborne has walked 3500 miles around the coast of mainland Britain so far
  12. Ruth Livingstone has done 2500 miles of the coast of Britain in stages and was last in Crosby in August
  13. Natalia Spencer has completed 6 months of a year long 5000 mile (approx) coast walk of Britain in memory of her daughter Elizabeth. She has reached the border of the Highlands at Lochaber in August
  14. Josh Hicks – reached 2000 miles August at Ardlamont, Scotland. He estimates that he will walk 6000 miles
  15. Lucy Newcombe was in the final stages of her walk around the coast of Britain in June and was on the Severn Way at the time
  16. Charlie Head is ‘Stand-up Paddle Boarding’ around the coast of Great Britain. Currently paddling up the East Coast and was in the Scottish Borders in August. Not sure of what distance he has covered or his estimated distance.
  17. Quintin Lake is a Landscape Photographer and was in Newquay in August. He has walked over 2000km of an estimated 10,000km on a project called ‘The Perimeter’ where he is photographing the coast as he walks around it.
  18. Jane Volker walking West Coast of Ireland for RNLI 60 Days and 743 miles so far
  19. Tara is from Australia. She starts on the 13th of September and is intending to cycle around the coast of Ireland. She expects it to take 3 months. #AroundIrelandOnAPushie @taraustralis
  20. James Ketchell. Set off 15 Aug with the aim of Cycling around Britain. Possibly 5000 miles then. Adventurer and Author of ‘The Ultimate Triathlon.’
  21. Simon Clark is up to Day 120 of a 5000 mile Coastal Run and is in North Wales
  22. David Gange is in Orkney at the moment. David is Kayaking/walking down all the Atlantic coasts of the British Isles (started in Shetland in July, doing a leg each month until Aug 2017) for a book with Harper Collins called The Frayed Atlantic Edge
  23. Alan Watkins started his 2,795 Mile walk around Britain on April 23rd from Plymouth. He is more than halfway through and expects to finish in October 2016.

Hopefully the details are correct. If there are any mistakes or if anyone wants to add anything then let me know @ChrisJCoates. More details are in the blog with contact details, pictures etc.,


I have compiled a list of everyone I could find on social media for 2016 – although may add others – who have finished this year or who are still on their way.  Details are sketchy though, and not always complete. Please let me know with a DM at @ChrisJCoates on twitter and I will update. They are in no particular order.

The 2795 miles  (4,345km) England Coastal Path will open by 2020 and will be a boost to Tourism and for people walking it for many reasons.  UK Coastal Path link to Guardian Article The East Sussex to Kent section has just opened and the whole route includes the 11 existing Coastal Paths. It is organised by the Government body Natural England.

England + Wales Coast Path is 3665 miles

I’m trying to find a distance for walking/cycling NI Coast and NI Perimeter and Scotland Mainland and Mainland plus the main Islands if anyone can help

There is a public list on my twitter @ChrisJCoates and if you click on Tweets you will find current information of those who are on Twitter.

Updating occasionally.


Anna Hughes

anna hughes

anna hughes 2

Cycled 4000 miles around Britain

Website of Anna Hughes

Jack Allen

Via daughter @Kendie

Cycled 4500 miles around Britain at age 74 in 2009

Jack Allen Blog

Helen Krasner – Was she the first 5000 mile Coastal Walker?

helen krasner 2

Helen has been writing professionally for many years and now contributes regularly to a number of aviation publications and websites. Before becoming involved in aviation she walked 5,000 miles around the coast of Britain, gaining a ‘Guinness Book of Records’ entry. She wrote about this adventure in her first book ‘Midges, Maps & Muesli’, now available in both print and ebook formats. After she became a pilot she followed this up with two aviation books – ‘The Helicopter Pilot’s Companion’, and ‘Flying Helicopters – a Companion to the PPL(H)’.

helen krasner midges maps and muesli book

Alan Watkins

alan watkins twitter

alan watkins

Alan Watkins started his 2,795 Mile walk around Britain on April 23rd from Plymouth.

He is more than halfway through and expects to finish in October 2016. Was in Prestatyn at the beginning of August where yobs trashed his tent while he was out. Someone has kindly donated a tent to him. He is raising money for County Air Ambulance Trust.

Twitter not used much @coast2coast2795

Alan Watkins Facebook page

Just giving page for County Air Ambulance Trust

David Gange

David Gange

David is Kayaking/walking down all the Atlantic coasts of the British Isles (started in Shetland in July, doing a leg each month until Aug 2017) for a book with Harper Collins called The Frayed Atlantic Edge: a Historian’s Journey from Shetland to the Channel. Is in Orkney at the moment.


David’s new Website just completed

Link to David Gange Blog. Mountain, Coast, River

Simon Clark

simon clark

Simon is running 5000 miles around the coast of Britain for @EcologiaYouthTr

Simons blog on Facebook


Simons charity Ecologia keeping an eye on him

simon clark location


James Ketchell

james ketchell

On 1st February 2014, James became the first and only person to have rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, successfully summited Mount Everest and cycled 18,000 miles around the world.

Set off 15 Aug with the aim of Cycling around Britain. Possibly 5000 miles then. Adventurer and Author of ‘The Ultimate Triathlon.’ In Cornwall at the moment as at 20th August.

Charity ‘Just Giving Page’ Donations to ‘Over The Wall’

Twitter @CaptainKetch

Blog of James Ketchell

james ketchell location

Jane Volker

jane volker

Jane Volker walking West Coast of Ireland for RNLI 60 Days and 743 miles so far

Lovely blog with a lot of pictures


Just giving page for RNLI

Tara #AroundIrelandOnAPushie

pic 1 tara

Australian setting off August/Sep 2016

Tara’s Blog

koala text

Charlie Head



Charlie Head Website

The Big Stand @thebigstanduk The Charity

Donate £3 for Charlies SUPper Donate some SUPper for Charlie (£3)

Charlie Head Facebook Page

On June 27 2016, Charlie departed from London with only his board, a tent and some emergency supplies in an attempt to stand up paddleboard 3000Km around the UK. He completed the 1000km Land’s End to London leg of the UK in 2012 and is now ready to explore the the rest of our coastline.

The trip will take between 3 and 4 months to complete, dependent upon conditions.

Mike Carter


In the spring of 2009 Mike Carter started on a 5,000 mile journey around the edge of Britain. For five months he cycled, camped or relied on the hospitality of strangers, discovering a level of happiness he thought he’d lost forever.

One Man and his Bike details

Guardian article about Mike Carter

mike carter book


Tegan Phillips


Not many details as yet.

‘On a big UK cycle Adventure’ July 2016. In Wales at July 27th

Website ‘Unclipped Adventure’


Phil Swanston


Phil cycled 5000 miles around Mainland Britain

Blog of Phil Swantson 5000 mile cycle route 2010 for Alzheimers

James Harvey

James Harvey

Pedalled around the coast of Britain in 2013. Cycled 10,000 miles around Europe 2015.

James website ‘Self Propelled Life’

Cycling Blog

James on Strava


Nick Ray

Nick Ray

Just came across this from 2015. Nick is writing a book (expected to be out 2017)  about his adventures “Strong Winds are Forecast”.

RNLI news article about the amazing Kayak journey

Nick Ray website


Doing the coast Of Britain in Stages. Is near Scarborough as at July 23rd and was walking south from Berwick

No further details

Dwight Wood and Lewis Wood

2 Boys 2 Wheels


The ultimate Father and son bonding adventure. Completed 2016.

Dwight (59) and; Lewis 13 Cycle. Toured around the coast of Britain in 2014 to 2016, over 3 summers: 1st summer:-2650 (approximately) miles Exeter to Edinburgh in (roughly) 42 days then 2nd summer 2015 600 miles 10 days, Edinburgh to London. 3rd Summer 2016 10 days complete full round Britain coastal tour 500 Exeter to London miles (total mileage well over 3000 miles) a Young persons record!

2 Boys 2 Wheels Blog. A very good record of a great journey

David Livermore

untitled 2

Picture via David Livermore


Picture is Criffel from Allonby Bay – With Kind permission Ann Lingard @solwaywalker

Blog of the Solway section of Perimeter of England walk

A 20 year project. Walked up the Welsh border via Offa’s Dyke. Has 105 miles to go overland Solway Firth to Berwick to complete the circular tour of England as at July 13th 2016.

Latest details from David as at 30th July, 2016


Lochmaben Stone, with the Solway in the Background.  The Stone was a fixed marker even in centuries when the border was fluid, so I counted it as my finish point for the English coast, even though it’s a country mile beyond Sark Bridge.  Picture via David Livermore

Since reaching Gretna, weekend weather hasn’t been kind, or logistics have confounded, but I’ve reached Kielder and am about to go back there to try the crossing to Carter Bar.  This is the crux, 12 miles of wilderness and swamp, fed by lots of recent rain.  Beyond Carter Bar it’s 6 miles to the Royal Road of the Pennine Way, equipped with paving stones, as I recall, then a little bit of farmland and a riverside stroll down to Berwick…. 5 days by my estimate. So, nearly there! David Livermore
Useful Link

Offa’s Dyke Path – a 177 mile National Trail


Sean Conway




Sean Conway website

Completed the British Coast Via Triathlon July 2016 with 4200 miles completed. Sean ran 1011 miles from John O’ Groats in 44 days self supported for one section and ran up to 40 miles a day. A new book ‘Cycling the Earth’ about his solo cycle around the world has just been published. There is Discovery Channel Documentary about his British Coast Triathlon on 31st August 2016. The beard was to protect against jellyfish on his coastal swim section.

sean conway book

Josh Hicks

Josh Hicks


Facebook link

Instagram shesafairhike

Newspaper article in North West Evening Mail

Link for donations to ‘Can Teen’ Australia

Link for donations to Children with Cancer

Aussie who is walking 6000 miles around Britain after his friend was diagnosed with cancer. His is using his phone to navigate but has used the map of the Cumbrian Way. Charites are Children With Cancer UK and The CanTeen Australia. As at 20th July 2016 has done over 1300 miles.  In Carlisle Sunday 24th July


Elise Downing

elise downing


Facebook link


Link for donations to Beyond Food and Young Minds

Running 5000 miles around the coast of the UK and carrying her belongings on her back. Charity and trying to find out more about the UK and her own capabilities. Donations to Young Minds and Beyond Food. Was at John O’Groats (via Twitter) on June 22nd with 3700 miles run and 1000 to go. On the Fife Coastal path July 19th and ran a marathon of 26 miles on the #HottestDayOfTheYear

Expecting to cross Scottish border into England Sunday 24th July


Martyn West

Martyn West


Martyn’s Blog

Walking around Britain in stages. Started Nov 09 and has done 4635 miles. Last walk on the blog is walk 219 St Andrews to Pettenweem 21 miles

Natalia Spencer

natalia spencer


Link for Donations to the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal for Bristol Childeren’s Hospital

Facebook of Natalia and is a day to day blog

Daily Mail article about Elizabeth

Natalia is walking 6000 miles around Britain for charity and in memory of her daughter Elizabeth who died suddenly at the age of 5. She has walked 2500 miles or so as at July 20th 2016. The charity is the Wallace & Gromits Grand Appeal for the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity and she has raised over £50k towards a target of £100k. Currently at Vale of Glamorgan 21st July 2016



Alex Ellis-Roswell

alex ellis-roswell



Link for donations to RNLI

Link to Alex Facebook with daily blog and pictures

Started walking the UK Coast in August 2014 and while in Scotland thought that he may as well do the entire coast of Ireland as well. The aim is 6500 miles. Has now completed the coast of the Republic of Ireland as at 24th July 2016.

Has raised £22k of £30k target for the @RNLI.

Has been walking around the Donegal Coast recently and was in Buncrana on the 18th July. Has done 711 days of 4 year walk as at July 13th in Letterkenny. July 23rd near Derry.

Tony Frost

tony frost


Tony’s Blog of the walk

Link for donations to Carers Trust and Dementia UK

Walking coast of Britain and is expecting to walk 5000 miles.  His walk is in aid of Dementia UK and Carers Trust. On the blog he is at Day 189 at Skipsea-Aldbrough in Marchand was walked 2961 miles




Blog of the walk

Walking the coast of England by his 70th birthday in Nov 2017. Has walked 2264 miles with 805 miles left to walk.

Episode 59 is Bridport to Branscombe 31 miles with 2295 miles completed and 774 miles to go.

Nick Creagh-Osborne


nick creagh osborne

Nicks blog with some beautiful photos

No other contact details found. Nick has walked 3500 miles around the coast of Great Britain and started a couple of years ago. Walk 24 on the blog – is over the bridge to Wales. His aim is to walk as close to the coast as possible. Possibly on the Liverpool to Glasgow section

Wayne Dixon and Koda


Wayne and Koda Facebook page and blog

The story of Wayne and Koda and Keeping Britain Tidy

Wayne and Koda’s Donation link to MIND Charity

Wayne and Koda’s Donation Link to Northern Inuit Rescue Society

Wayne and Koda set off on a 7000 mile litter picking adventure on Feb 1 2016.

Was at Kilcreggan July 18th in Argyll and Bute. Also promoting MIND charity, Keep Britain Tidy and Northern Inuit Society.

Ruth Livingstone

ruth livingstone


Blog of Ruth’s coastal trek

On July 5th she was walking Aber to Conwy in Wales on walk 251. She states that she is walking around the coast in slow stages. I couldn’t find any details of how far she has walked or what her route or expected mileage is. Having a break at the moment mid-July 2010


Andy Philips

andy phillips.jpg


Walking around the UK Coast. Has walked 4,500 miles with 500 miles to go. Has walked from Gravesend to Robin Hoods Bay Clockwise.

UPDATE Heading back to Yorkshire 22nd July to continue walk.


Tim McKenna

tim mckenna


Tim’s story is in this link – worth a read!

Link for Donations to Mind Charity

Tim is Cycling 5000 miles around the coast of Britain 2106 for @mindcharity @timetochange

Was cycling from Durness to Lochinver on July 17th Has raised £6,700 of £8k target In Arran (Brodick) 21st July

22nd July – gone to Ireland (Just for 3 Days)

ireland 22nd july


1-tim mckenna arran 2-001


Quintin Lake

quintin lake


Quintin Lake Website

The Perimeter, a 5 year Coast walking and Photography project

The Perimeter is a photography project by Quintin Lake based on walking 10,000km (6213 Miles) around the coast of Britain in sections. The journey started on 17th April 2015 at St Paul’s cathedral and I’m following the coast clockwise. I expect the journey will take around 5 years.

Has walked 2000km as at July 12th 1242 miles

quintin lake 2

Lucy Newcombe

lucy newcombe

Quality blog from Lucy

Week 48 Stoke Fleming to Sidmouth – 52 miles walked and total 2842 miles walked.

Wayne Russell

wayne russell


Wayne Russell Blog

Facebook Page of Wayne Russell

Video of Wayne completing the run

Details of the 5000 mile run and link to charity donation page

Wayne started in September 2015 and has just completed the 5000 mile run – 200 marathons around the coastline of Britain in July 2016. He has raised £30k for Superhero Foundation in memory of his sister Carmel.


If you have any corrections – or if you know of anyone else who should be added then please let me know.


























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