It all went to pot. Allotment planting hopes were dashed. #vegan #gardening #allotment #allotmentfun #garden #gardenersworld #vegetarian #gardeningtips

I was going to plant Garlic Bulbs, Wild Garlic and Broad Beans today but a sequence of events stopped me planting. I don’t know about you but I really get a buzz when planting stuff.

First of all I was doing some research on the beans and ‘they’ say soak the beans overnight. I can’t remember doing that early in the year – but were they runner beans and French Beans? – I think they were and they turned out without soaking. Will try the soaking though. Will try a few beans in the ground as I don’t believe yet that they will grow this time of year😬Maybe keep the rest to Feb and plant in greenhouse. So beans were dry so not ready today.

The 2nd thing was I was expecting the garlic as had a text about a delivery but was something else I had ordered. It wasn’t worth going to the allotment with a few wild garlic bulbs so will go another day and plant away😀

Will post again if anything interesting turns up. The allotment has had a lottery grant for fence and gates but were not told about VAT, so £1,500 to find somewhere. The new gate is up though. Should be an interesting meeting in November. Sounds like £30 x 50 plots minus any funds in credit….

Ordered the Garlic from Sutton’s Seeds @Suttons_seeds BTW

@ChrisJCoates @AllotmentFun

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