Morecambe Prom ParkRun. Fast course 9th November with Michael Kallenberg 2nd in UK with 15.15

The ParkRun on Saturday 9th November was a cold and a little dull. I was doing some photography of the runners with my grandson Josh when the first runner flew past. It wasn’t long either that he was on his way back and I couldn’t help thinking that he must be in the top few in the UK.

The times were released on the Facebook page of Morecambe Prom Park Run and when I checked the times of the previous week, Nov 2nd, he was faster than the fastest runner.

When the times came out nationally Michael Kallenberg, from Carmarthen & District Harriers AC was 2nd in the UK. Only 1 second behind the first in the UK.

Previously there have been 2 chaps in the top ten UK in the same run at Morecambe and a lady in the top ten. There could be more but I don’t know if anyone is checking @FastRunning

10 fastest UK parkrun times on Saturday 9th November (2019)

Anyhow I enclose a picture of Michael and 👏👏👏

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