Kinder Eggs. Ferrero sell 3.5 Billion a year. Is this a Plastic Problem?

That’s a lot of Plastic. Even more will be sold by Ferrero International S.A. now that they are available in the USA after being banned for 50 years. So there is the wrapper on the chocolate, inside that is the well known 2 part plastic capsule insert and inside that –  a plastic toy made of a number of plastic components.

How long do they last? Not long, as I recall from buying them for my own children occasionally.

So at least 3 x 3.5 Billion plastic items (without counting the components of the ‘toy’ which can vary).  They will go into going into landfill or recycling. Although I have found a few on the Beach.

This is single use plastic unless there are a few Kinder Egg collectors with basements or attics full of the toys.

Maybe Ferrero International S.A. will replace the plastic with bio degradeable components which the Lego company are doing. We can only hope

Article on Ferrero Kinder Eggs in America from Fortune

Items found on a Beach Clean

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