Morecambe & Heysham Beach Clean

Morecambe and Heysham Beach Clean

There is a small anonymous group of people – Morecambe Beach Buddies who clean the beach on a regular basis. They started in 2015 and clean beaches from the Morecambe Town Hall to Half Moon Bay at random times.

If people want to get involved in tidying the beaches then there is always plenty to do with 2 tides a day.

This blog is intended to raise awareness of organizations and activities which people can get involved in to improve the environment of the Morecambe Bay SSSI.

@BeachMorecambe šŸ˜€

Coronavirus update June 2020. Only a few beach cleans this year, some in Jan and Feb but did a ‘Beach Margin Clean’ along the rocks/beach armour, and a South Beach Clean in the last month. The first time the family Morecambe Beach Buddies were out was today though – 14th June – on the South Beach. Thanks to Will, Amie and Mark at Lancaster City Council for their continued help and support. Also the always helpful team of public realm at Lancaster City Council – who see us on the beach and take the full bags away and offer further bags if needed.

If any groups in the Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham, Carnforth to Silverdale area covered by Lancaster City Council wish to borrow equipment for a cleanup on Beaches, Parks or Cycle Paths etc then click on the link for details

Now 200 councils join Great British Spring Clean battle

About further around Morecambe Bay near Grange over Sands – but someone might be interested

Great idea for groups in the Park or Beach. Maybe not the cycle pathsšŸ˜¬

Update on Wayne Dixon and Koda. Our very own Lancashire Litter Hero and he is going round the coast litter picking. Is in Essex at the moment. Jan 2020

Anyone can make a difference – Elizabeth (9) from Wirral

It’s HerešŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘

If you are a Dog Owner you can take part in ‘Paws on Plastic’

14000 dog owners and counting ….

On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @pawsonplastic




Hannah from @LoveMyBeachMBP

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2019 Morecambe North Beach AND Morecambe South Beach have achieved Beach Awards again.

Posted 2nd July 2019 @WestEndImpact

Posted 2nd July by @LambTamasin at @Active Lancs. Beach Clean on Wed 3rd July

(The pic below posted after litter pick 3rd July @lancashireCSI )

Posted 30 June 2019 on the 2nd day of the Kite Festival

Posted 28th June 2019

Also details on Facebook with email contact

@ActiveLancs on Twitter also Facebook. Posted by @lovemybeachmbp on Facebook on 27th June.

@NorthLancsGreen on twitter. Other details in the article. In Lancaster Guardian June 27 2019

Posted 11th June 2019

Contact @lovemybeachmbp or @morecambebayuk on twitter or facebook

6th June, 2019

Posted 19/06/2019

Facebook to book

Lancaster City Council @LancasterCC send an employee out on the Morecambe North Beach (Clock Tower) after events and if needed.

The public realm dept at Lancaster City Council will provide litter picking equipment to groups and individuals who are dedicated to tidying up the Beach, Parks or elsewhere. Contact by email.

Amie, from @LancasterCC (at @MorecambeBeach on twitter) tidies up the beaches with her tractor. This is done twice a week May to September and also when there is a large amount of debris. She also – along with others – does litter picking along the Prom along with Mowing grass and other activities

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Morecambe Town Council (part of @LancasterCC) arrange occasional Beach Cleans. Facebook for Morecambe Council

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Twitter @HeyshamBeach


Vale of Lune Rugby Club

Beach Clean April 2919


Friends of Sunderland Point are arranging Beach Cleans.

This was posted on Facebook by Claire Hargreaves and the contact is Hilary Hargreaves

The next Beach Clean of 2019 is at Middleton Towers

Facebook of Friends of Sunderland Point

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@LoveMyBeachMPB – which is part of @MorecambeBayUK  Charity – do beach cleans every week in the Lancashire, Cumbria and Solway Coast. Apply via website. Website of Love my Beach

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Marine Conservation Society do Beach Cleans, mainly at Half Moon Bay, Heysham. The amount and type of litter and plastic is logged scientifically. @MCSLancs on twitter also @MCSUK Marine Conservation Society

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A couple of local Schools have been active on the beaches @Morecambe_ST and @TrumacarPrimary.

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Active Lancashire charity have done Beach and Promenade Cleans @ActiveLancs

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Kiko Mathews is visiting Morecambe on her 3 month cycle around Britain and Beach Cleaning at the same time in the summer of 2019 @KikPlastic. Kiko did Atlantic solo row.

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Team Pluto of @NCS @Inspiraforlife have done beach cleans on Morecambe South Beach.

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@SASCampaigns do a National Beach Clean occasionally.

SAS Campaigns website

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@KeepBritainTidy do National Campaigns – in association with the Daily Mail for the Great British Spring Clean Link to Keep Britain Tidy

The Daily Mail currently have a Great British Spring Clean campaign Mar 22 to April 23 2929 Details of Daily Mail along with the local authorities and @keepBritainTidy.

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@2minBeachClean started by Martin Dorey @CamperVanLiving is a great organisation to encourage people to pick up litter. Currently there is a ‘beach Clean board’ outside the Clock Tower Cafe in Morecambe when it is open with a litter picking stick for the public to have a go.

Beach Clean Board in association with @lovemybeachMBP with Amie on the tractor in the background.

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If there are any dog fouling issues on the Beach or elsewhere the contact details of the Dog Warden are in this link Dog Warden

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Untitled 4

if there are any Issues concerning the beaches of Morecambe, Heysham and Silverdale etc then contact Lanncaster City Council switchboard and give the details. I have always found them to be very helpful Lancaster City Council Website


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Will add to the blog if there is further information @ChrisJCoates

Wildlife and Nature Groups Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham & Silverdale

There are a number of Wildlife and Nature groups in the Lancaster and Morecambe Area with events for adults and children. I will update if there is new information. Also Nature areas with scope for joining in as a volunteer.


Leighton Moss has events for families at most times of the year. There are many volunteers who undertake a variety of tasks from working in the centre as ‘meet and greet’ to tidying flower beds and cutting back reeds.

@Leighton_mossĀ Leighton Moss


Marine Conservation Society @MCSLancs and @MCSUK. They meet at the Gregson Centre @GregsonCentre. During the winter there are meetings and also they go to Half Moon Bay Heysham for litter picking and recording what items are washed up on the beach.

Website for Lancashire Marine Conservation Society



Morecambe Bay Partnership. A charity which is involved in a lot of activities involving nature @MorecambeBayUK @_Mbay @H2H_Tweets @LoveMyBeachMBP @BirdsoftheBay There are Archeological and Beach Cleaning activities. Childrens activities include rock poolinga and land art

Website for Morecambe Bay Partnership



North Lancashire Wildlife Group meets at the Church of the Ascension Hall, Torrisholme, Morecambe during the winter and have activities at Warton Crag and walks.

They also have a library of Nature Books. The admission to meetings is Ā£2 and includes refreshments.

Website for North Lancashire Wildlife Group



Wildlife trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside look after a range of sites including Middleton Nature Reserve, Heysham Moss Nature Reserve and Heysham Nature Reserve on the road to the Ocean Edge Caravan Park on Moneyclose Lane. Throught the summer there are many events in the purpose built education building at the Heyham Nature Reserve. There are no facilities at Heysham Moss or Middleton.Ā Website for Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Heysham Nature Reserve

Morecambe, Lancashire, LA3 2UW

Heysham Nature Reserve, Moneyclose Lane

Middleton Nature Reserve

Middleton Nature Reserve

Heysham Moss Nature Reserve

Heysham Moss Nature Reserve


National Trust Heysham Headland @NT_NorthWestĀ 

This is a rich area for Nature and is included as there may be opportunites for volunteering

Get involved



Fairfield Nature Reserve, Lancaster

A recent nature reserve which many people are not aware of. Events all year.

Fairfield Nature Reserve

There are footpaths x 2 from Aldcliffe road and Wingate Saul Road



Ā Green Fair
WhenSat, November 24, 10am ā€“ 4pm
WhereLancaster Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Ln, Lancaster LA1 1TX, UK (map)
DescriptionCome along and pick up this year’s beautiful Fairfield Association Calendar (Ā£8) and Christmas cards (Ā£4 for pack of six) from our stall.
Arnside and Silverdale AONB There are a lot of nature reserves and Woods in Silverdale and ArnsideĀ Arnside and Silverdale AONB



Kinder Eggs. Ferrero sell 3.5 Billion a year. Is this a Plastic Problem?

That’s a lot of Plastic. Even more will be sold by Ferrero International S.A. now that they are available in the USA after being banned for 50 years. So there is the wrapper on the chocolate, inside that is the well known 2 part plastic capsule insert and inside that –Ā  a plastic toy made of a number of plastic components.

How long do they last? Not long, as I recall from buying them for my own children occasionally.

So at least 3 x 3.5 Billion plastic items (without counting the components of the ‘toy’ which can vary).Ā  They will go into going into landfill or recycling. Although I have found a few on the Beach.

This is single use plastic unless there are a few Kinder Egg collectors with basements or attics full of the toys.

Maybe Ferrero International S.A. will replace the plastic with bio degradeable components which the Lego company are doing. We can only hope

Article on Ferrero Kinder Eggs in America from Fortune

Items found on a Beach Clean

Prom 30th cucles beach

Morecambe, Heysham and Morecambe Bay Beach Clean Information

Morecambe and Heysham Beach Clean. Some information on organisations who have Beach Clean events you can get involved with as an individual or as part of an organised Beach Clean.

Important information on doing a Beach Clean

The Great British Spring Clean from Keep Britain Tidy 2 – 25th March 2018.

keep britain tidy

Keep Britain Tidy

Help us clean up the country

2 – 25th March 2018

The Great British Spring Clean is a campaign with a simple aim:Ā to bring people across the countryĀ together toĀ clear up the litter that blights our towns, villages, countryside and beaches.

We want to inspire 400,000 people to get outdoors, get active and help clear up the rubbish that lies around us. Join our growing army of #LitterHeroes who have had enough of other peopleā€™s litterĀ and are willing to do something about it.

Together we can make a difference and clean up the environment on our doorstep.



AW_blank square4_2 keep

Heysham Village Spring Clean Saturday March 24th


Taking place 7th –Ā 15th of April, theĀ Big Spring Beach Clean (BSBC) from SAS Campaigns

Taking place between the 7th and the 15th of April, theĀ Big Spring Beach Clean (BSBC)Ā is the largest and most effective volunteer beach cleaning project in the UK, if not Europe. Since 2010 over 39,000 of you have joined us at over 1,200 events across the UK.

A staple of all beach clean calendars, the Big Spring Beach Clean is hugely impactful, inclusive and above all else, fun. It is the standard by which all other beach clean projects are measured, thanks to YOU! For more information or to get involved, please email Jack onĀ

SAS Campaigns


Lillys Global Cleanup Day 18/04/18

Lilly @lillyspickup on twitter. Anyone can join in. Let her know on Twitter or Facebook

Lillys Global Cleanup Day Facebook


Love my Beach, Morecambe Bay Partnership

Mainly Fylde and Barrow up to Silloth. Can be seen on local Middleton Sands and Bolton le Sands. Check calendar for organised events, usually something on most days. They do a lot on Twitter and Facebook to promote a wide range of things which impact on the Beach and Marine Environment. They usually have a stall at local events in Morecambe and Heysham with lots of information leaflets. @lovemyBeachMBP AND @LoveMyBeach_NWĀ 

The board mentioned further in the blog for #2minuteBeachClean was supplied by them



Link to website of Love My Beach Morecambe Bay Partnership



Beach Clean events in April Middleton Towers 7th, Morecambe Lodge 21st and Milnthorpe 28th

love my beach

love my beach

Marine Conservation Society

Marine Conservation Society

There is a big calendar of events. The local group @MCSLancs do Beach Cleans and also have a calendar of meetings. The last beach cleans were Dec 2017Ā  and March 2018 at Half Moon Bay, Heysham. The ones in the next few months locally are Formby and Whitehaven but keep an eye on the local Facebook in case of othersĀ 

Beach cleans

Beachwatch is our national beach cleaning and litter surveying programme – helping people all around the UK to care for their coastline.

Some of our best-loved marine wildlife is under threat from the waste and litter in our seas, with hundreds of species accidentally eating or becoming entangled in litter. Itā€™s also dangerous for people and damaging to our tourism and fishing industries. We all have a part to play in turning the tide on litter. Join an event or organise your own and be part of the most influential fight against marine litter in the UK!

More than ā€˜justā€™ a beach clean

Marine Conservation Society Events

IMG_5624 (1)



Two Minute Beach Clean Organisation


2 Minute Beach Clean

Big on Twitter and Instagram. Post picks of what you find. There is an App to log your finds for research

There is a Beach Clean Board provided by Love My Beach, Morecambe Bay which is put our by the Clock Tower Cafe when it is open. Can you recycle your supermarket bags by putting them in the aparture on the board so that they can be re-used for litter pick ups. A couple of litter picking sticks are available on the board.


2 min

This is a screen shotĀ of App to log your finds for research


Always Check the Tide Times – there is a great free App MY TIDE TIMES

Usually finish 1 hour before a high tide or Start 1 hour afterwards in Morecambe and Heysham but it the tide is over 8 Metres then there may be little shoreline available.IMG_5286



You can volunteer and tidy up any part of any beach yourself. There are many volunteers who tidy areas of Beaches from Bolton le Sands to Middleton Beach on a regular basis including the Trumacar Tigers from Trumacar Primary.

Dog walkers have been seen tidying up plastic and they are in a good situation to pick up the plastic while walking the Dog.

The Morecambe abd Heysham Pebble Art group help out when placing pebbles for people to find – or picking up the odd pebble

Dogs are banned from Morecambe’s North and South beaches between 1 May and 30 September each year. From the beach with the Boats North of the Town Hall to the Battery Car Park at the West End

Lancaster City Council

They are responsible for the beaches and do respond quickly if there is anything that needs removing urgently by phoning the main switchboard.

The department who looks after the Beaches is called ‘Public Realm’Ā  & I have heard on the grapevine that they may let people have a litter picking stick and council bags if they request them.


The beaches are cleaned by council staff but I don’t know with what frequency they go around with the litter picking sticks, Have seen them in the summer before and after events such as the Carnival and Kite Festival and in fact there are a lot of volunteers who help to the point where if you go near the Midland the day after an event then you would be astonished to find that there had been thousands of people there only 24 hours ago.

Finally, the Council has a beach tractor with an attachment for picking up litter and it is deployed on a regular basis on the sandy area. Amie, the driver, does a comprehensive clean on the beaches from Thornton Road where the boats are to the West End.

Interesting Doggy Doo Doo map from BBC via Keep Britain Tidy & details of Dog Warden Service

An issue everywhere with the Toxocara Virus related to Dog Faeces


Link to Lancaster City Council page for Dog FoulingĀ Dog Warden Service

dog details



WAYNE and KODA – a National litter picking inspiration.

Who? You might ask. Wayne and his dog Koda are travelling 6000 miles around the Coast of Britain and picking up litter as they o along. They rely on donations and the kindess of strangers for accommodation.

@WayneKoda on Twitter and also on Facebook

Wayne is an inspiration to everyone who has picked up some plastic crisp packets or discarded water bottles etc., on the beaches of the UK

Wayne is from the North West




Plastic Free Life (2)

Plastic Free Life

I have decided on a name change for the blog. Its not so much an addiction as ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

Did you know that a plastic drinks bottle

a) takes 3 Litres of Water to make a 1 litre bottle?

b) will last 1000 years?

Me neither

So, went to the Morecambe Festival Market on Sunday as there is a good veg man who also does the street market in Lancaster. His stall is on the Winter Gardens side, outdoors. Have shopped here before. Maybe this would be better than a supermarket with regard to plastic.

Ended up with 21 items. 7 had plastic. Anther 3 were in punnets so were able to tip into the Asda ‘bag for life’ (Plums, Tomatoes and Mushrooms) and he said he would re-use.

The 7 items were Carrots (ā€œgot fed up of people just wanting 1or 2 carrots) Cucumbers, Celery and Peppers. Don’t know why any of them need plastic. Got a big paper bag of Maris Piper Potatoes and a dozen eggs in cardboard. All in all not too bad as 21 items for Ā£19.80.

Its a start, but the toothpaste is running out and I don’t think there is a plastic free tube. I’ll have a look though.

Plastic Free Life (1)

We are so addicted to plastic we just cannot think of not using plastic at all. What would we buy? Where would we go to buy it? Would it cost more to be plastic free?

Its the 7th of January 2018 and have done a #2MinuteBeachClean

Stupid #StormEleanor.

Most of what we use is collected by the council and is buried, so its not our fault, or is it?

Could plastic we use get into the sea?

Wet wipes are often flushed down the toilet along with cotton buds and we assume that the sewerage Works filter them out. If there was flooding, then perhaps they are flushed out of there or maybe there is some other reason why so many have been found on the beach this week and Morecambe is normally free from a lot of sea plastic.

There are areas where the tide leaves a pile of plastic and various organisations locally such as Marine Conservation Lancs, @MSCLancs, Lancaster City Council, Lots of volunteers, Morecambe Bay Partnership @lovemybeachmbp and a school at Trumacar in Heysham all have helped around the coast of Morecambe Bay.

Have just purchased some Plastic Free Cotton Buds from Body Care in the Arndale Centre in Morecambe. They are Johnson’s but 100% cotton and 100% paper sticks. After 6 months of volunteering to tidy Morecambe Beaches the penny is beginning to drop.

How do you and I go plastic free?Ā  I’m going to have a go…..

I started a publication on Twitter called Plastic Pollution Daily using Paper Li. On TwitterĀ Twitter link of Chris CoatesĀ Ā Ā This collects relevant articles about Plastic Pollution and puts them into an online newspaper.

Plastic Pollution Articles

Some of the articles caught my eye over the last few days.

a) The plastics industry knew 50 years ago that there would be environmental problems

b) A plastic supermarket bag can be broken down by marine organisms into 1.75 million pieces. Te minute sea life such as shrimps etc do not know the difference between plastic and food. If they can’t excrete the plastic maybe they will feel full and not feed – this has been shown to happen with birds.

c) Wet wipes are predicted to take 500 years to break down completely.

Anyhow, I did a search on Google and found an article of ‘100 ways to be Plastic Free’ so I am having a look at that. My immediate thoughts were 1 Bin Bags 2 Bleach 3 Shampoo and stuff.

100 ways to be plastic free

A crisis in the UK is developing as China previously took 25% of UK plastic waste ā€“ but no more.

China blocks imports of UK plastic waste

So I will be visiting the local supermarkets and Morecambe Festival Market to check out what they have to offer.

Finally, I put 2 fleeces in the wash after the Beach Clean and added 700,000 microfibres into the environment as Fleeces are made from plastic – wasn’t it supposed to be good to use fleeces?

Microfibre article from Guardian

Morecambe & Heysham Beach Care

Morecambe & Heysham Beach Care

1-prom 26th quintin lake beaches pebbles1

Fantastic peopleĀ  keep MorecambeĀ & Heysham Beaches tidy andĀ #2MinuteBeachClean has arrived. The board may be out when the Clock Tower Cafe is open.


If you areĀ interested in the environment and want to help – then first of all ā€“ watch this 2 minute video.

If you intend to do more than pick up a few items while out walking the dog etc., then its a good idea to have a couple of plastic bags inside a long-life supermarket bag so the the litter does not blow away, also take gloves. One of the bags is for plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans.

There are four sets of recycling bins along Morecambe PromenadeĀ for plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans. 1) Lifeboat Station 2) Cenotaph 3) Near Regent Road in the West End and near the Beach Cafe at the Battery. If you pick up cans or plastic is is up to you whether you use a normal council bin or pop them into your own recycle bins. There are plenty of bins for other items.

The Lancaster City Council do regular Beach cleans with Amie on her tractor from The West End Car Park at the Battery to almost the Bay Strathmore – a distance of 2 miles, but this depends on the tides and also they cannot do all the edges or beaches where there are no ramps directly onto the sand. The Lancaster City Council do have people occasionally tidying the beach before and after events on the Promenade such as the Morecambe Carnival.

All beaches need to be tided between tractor cleans, and where the tractor does not go. There are individual people who tidy up the range of beaches, council workers, groups such as the Trumacar Tigers and some organised groups such as Love My BeachĀ of the Morecambe Bay Partnership who did a beach clean at Middleton recently.Ā  TheĀ Marine Conservation Society did an organised beach clean of Half Moon Bay at the beginning of December 2017,Ā  Ā FamiliesĀ  involved in #PebbleArt have mentioned that they are helping by picking up litter.

I have noticed a lot of dog walkers taking the opportunity to pick up litter. I also talked to someone from a local Facebook group recently – she and her husband were picking up litter and recycling. There was a big effort recently by volunteers after the Morecambe Carnival.

Local volunteers help on an occasional basis. Douggie tidies up round Bare Village. Chris tidies from the Strathmore to West End and sometimes Half Moon Bay and Bay Cottage Beaches and another person helps Chris occasionally. Dawn tidies up Middleton beach regularly. The Pattinsons tidy up around Half Moon Bay and the Heysham Headland. There is a chapĀ who cleans Sandylands beach

The Main Beaches are:-

Half Moon Bay and a couple of coves towards St Patricks Chapel



Heysham North and the other side of the newly renovated Bay Cottage Playground



Sandylands beach where the old paddllng area is now visible



Kite Surfers area down the ramp from the Battery car park. Only a tiny area but important as any cans or glass etc could harm the Kite and Wind Surfers.



The West End beach from the Beach Cafe up to and including the little bay near to the swimmers statue opposite the Alhambra.



The Sandy and Pebble beach from the Midland Hotel and including the lovely Beach Plant area



Morecambe North Beach ‘Eric Morecambe’ to the Clock Tower



Morecambe North Beach Clock Tower to the Jetty near the blue boat ‘Hopeful’



Blue Boat ‘Hopeful’ to Pirates on the Prom Playground.



The Boat Bay beach and along the pebbles to Broadway.



Many of the beaches have rocky areas, do not climb onto rocks which can be slippery. Also keep on the sand and do not go on any muddy areas. Someone was stuck in mud near the boats last year, only a few feet from the sand.

If you are tidying Half Moon Bay Beach there is the occasional metal object which could be a WW2 munition item. I haven’t heard of anything for a few years but there is a warning notice. Phone Lancaster City Council switchboard if there is anything to report. It does work – I reported a large dead bird and a drum of diesel recently (not the same day)Ā and they were promptly sorted out.

There are possibly important areas I have missed but whether you adopt an area, or work through the list, then anything helps. I did a beach clean at the Half Moon Bay beach recently and could only fill half an Asda bag of tidal and other litter so we are not talking about bin bag sized litter problems.

NOTE – the beach clean board at the Clock Tower CafĆ© depends on people popping some supermarket bags into the groove on the board for peopleĀ to have a go – have seen a lot of kids picking up litter with the grabber and filling bags.

Lets not dwell on the causes of tidal or other litter –Ā it is what it is. Picking it up is not for everyone.

Environmental Links and groups,Ā  if you want to see what they are up to………..

Morecambe Area

Love my Beach Morecambe Bay Partnership Morecambe Bay PartnershipĀ  Tidy up Bolton le Sands, Middleton Beach and others from Fleetwood to Barrow in Furness

Marine Conservation Society @MCSLancs

#2MinuteBeachClean Facebook of 2 Minute Beach Clean

#2MinuteBeachClean also on Twitter @2MinuteBeachClean and Instagram

Local in the Fleetwood to Lytham areaĀ 

Rossall Beach Buddies Faceboook Rossall Beach Buddies

Cleveleys Beach Care Facebook of Cleveleys Beach Care

Fylde Beach Care Facebook of Fylde BeachCare


Wayne Dixon and his dog KodaĀ  Amazing chap from Fleetwood who is walking 7000 miles around the coast of Britain picking up litter for charity Facebook for Wayne Dixon and Koda

KeepBritainTidy Facebook for Keep Britain Tidy

Wildlife Trusts Facebook for Lancashire Wildlife Trust – responsible for Heysham Nature Reserve etc

Any beach tidying shows people and visitors that we are proud of where we live and that we will take steps to help everyone enjoy the scenery we all love. When people take photos we see on social media they will not include tin cans in the picture.

I personally feel that the beaches define Morecambe in the same way that Williamson Park is important to Lancaster

If you have picked up anything on a Morecambe and Heysham Beach then you already care.