Plastic Free Shopping (10) Lancaster and Morecambe. I am almost Supermarket Free

I don’t miss the Supermarkets, all the Plastic and aimless wandering around like sheep. Also, how did it get to this, where the Supermarkets were able to get rid of all the fantastic local shops?

Local Greengrocers, Fresh Fish shops and Butchers had to put up with rows of shops going bust and high parking charges. It all seems so wrong now.

A few items still need to be purchased from Supermarkets, toothpaste and dishwasher tablets are a couple of them, unless I ditch the dishwasher.

This is what I am buying at the moment.

MILK – now in Bottles, also buy eggs from Mark Seward. He is on Facebook

BREAD – best Bread ever from Beetham Post Office shop, I phone an order for 4 loaves and put 3 in the Freezer – where they taste just as good when they are thawed. They are closed Tues Wed Beetham PoSt Office Shop

FISH – Edmondsons Fresh Fish on Yorkshire St, West End, Morecambe. Take containers. There is another Fresh Fish shop in Morecambe opposite the Police Station.


FRUIT AND VEG – Morecambe Market on Tues Thurs Sat Sun, they will put the items in your own bag, only one or two items are sold in plastic

MEAT – Morecambe Market Butchers stall – they will put the items in your own containers

TOOTHBRUSH – Bamboo Toothbrush from Single Step Co-op Lancaster – the bristles are still plastic  though

IMG_4658 - Copy


TEA – Loose tea from most supermarkets.

Well that’s it.

If you want to – it can be done