Plastic Free Life (5) Teabags

Plastic Free Life (5) Teabags

I still have a milk dilemma but will probably stick with the supermarket plastic bottles, all mine go into recycling and the milk is not costly. I don’t buy bottled water, so that’s good. I still have a few plastic bottles around though, and I fill one with tap water as and when required when I go for a walk.

I was browsing through some tweets on @BoatPicsLancs and discovered that Tea Bags contain plastic. I wasn’t aware of this and its something else we use every day that most people were not aware of.

Again, like Milk, there are alternatives. They all come with their own issues such as plastic free teabags not being generally available, the cost and some good ones are even wrapped in individual plastic wrappers – or come in a box containing plastic,

I may have to look at loose tea in Asda or somewhere. It may possibly taste better. I’m old enough to remember getting Brooke Bond and Hornimans loose tea as a child. Maybe I will have a tea trip ‘down memory lane.’

In the meantime I have tweeted @Theresa_May and @MichaelGove about the issue as they seem to be interested in plastic issues at present.

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